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The ONE Group

The ONE Group exists to offer the best alternative investments, sourced worldwide. We ensure our clients get market leading returns whilst minimizing risk.

Liquid Assets

Liquid Assets allows investors to invest directly in business cashflow. By bringing an established an vital business service to the Middle East, Liquid Assets offers leading fixed returns.

The Numbers Fund

TThe Numbers Fund is a black box algorithmic forex trading fund. Build to obtain exceptional results whilst minimizing forex trading risks.


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The Numbers Fund

The Numbers Fund delivers exceptional returns from managed black box algorithmic Forex trading whilst minimizing risk and ensuring your funds remain in your control and readily accessible at all times.

Forex Trading & Mathematical Model

The Numbers Fund is a currency hedge fund built using a proprietary, black box, purely mathematical approach. This mathematical model has produced consistent returns in the currency market utilizing conservative risk management tools in its trading system.

State of the Art & Long term experience

State of the art modelling and systems which look for market turns using probability and statistics.  Led by Donald Beaudry and Ni Kadek Yuni, both of whom have over 10 years experience developing currency trading models, The Numbers fund has the experience to make your order.

Exceptional Returns, Transparent and Liquid

With audited backdated returns averaging 13.31% since January 2009, and total returns since the start of 2009 at over 982%.  Instant online access to valuations plus a highly liquid, low leverage fund add up to high transparency and liquidity. 


Invoice Discounting Fund

Liquid Assets, truly international invoice factoring. Vital for businesses, great for investors.

Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring : an asset-based working capital solution that allows businesses to get advances on cash they are due from customers, rather than waiting for those customers to pay.

International Exposure & Fast Credit

Liquid Assets are truly international, allowing global businesses to take advantage of Invoice Factoring, helping your business’s cash flow by freeing up cash locked in customer invoices.

Flexible funding limits & Highly Transparent

Liquid Assets can tailor its services for your business, allowing for large and small invoices.  Liquid Assets are highly transparent, so you feel protected and secure, knowing your investment and business are receiving the levels of service you deserve.


The Company

The ONE Group recruits worldwide to ensure it has the best advisers possible for our clients. If you believe you would be an asset to the business, understand financial services, enjoy a challenge and would enjoy living in Dubai, contact us to start a conversation.

Jason Noble, CEO

Jason Noble established The ONE Group in 2010 in Dubai and has rapidly grown it into one of the most innovative and responsible companies in the alternative investments space.

Advisory Team

With advisers specializing in a wide range of alternative investments, with both fixed and variable returns, you can be assured that The ONE Group’s team can find the optimal investment for your portfolio.

Client Services

With a client servicing team spread between the UAE and UK, you can be sure that your requirements and enquiries are met in an efficient and friendly manner, and that you will always know the state of your investments.

The ONE Group Dubai

The ONE Group scours the planet looking for viable alternative investments which offer our clients the best risk/reward ratio possible. We ensure that all investments offered have been subjected to thorough due diligence and that any risks or liquidity issues are fully transparent. If you would like to diversify your current market correlated portfolio, or are looking to add to your existing alternative investment portfolio, contact us to arrange a meeting.