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Industry Leading Benefits

Specialist International Solutions for Expatriate Individuals and Multi National Corporations
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The ONE Group

The ONE Group is a leading financial services advisory and commercial brokerage based in Dubai, UAE

Market Leading Benefits

A range of benefits including subsidised accommodation in Dubai, exceptional commission rates, bonuses and incentives as well as study support for your international financial qualifications!

Fast Career Progression

You have complete autonomy on your career and there are no limits to how quickly you can progress!

Uncapped Earning Potential

Working in a tax free environment means you get more money in your account each month and, in addition, there is no ceiling to the commissions you can earn!

Independent Holistic Advice

You can be proud to be working for the most ethical and compliant Wealth Management Company in the UAE

In-Depth Training

Not only will you get comprehensive training when you start, but also a daily 1.5 hour training session delivered by the CEO of the company to keep you up to date and knowledgeable on industry trends and news.

Exciting Office Locations

With our flagship headquarters in Dubai growing quicker than ever, we are expanding and opening new offices internationally. All our offices have a great, friendly culture.


Weekly Meetings


Clients Worked With


Weekly Training Hours 


Winning Awards

Relationship Management

The role of a Relationship Manager is entrepreneurial and involves client development and prospecting. You will be responsible for originating meetings and developing an extensive network, supporting the company in building and maintaining long term relationships with a portfolio of successful clients.

The Relationship Manager will work closely with our qualified Wealth Managers and Investment Advisors to help them assist western expatriates with their medium to long-term financial requirements.

Help and Advice

Learn the necessary skills and acquire the necessary knowledge from the best in the industry to take care of our valuable and loyal clients.

Network and make lifelong friends

Live, work and network in the fastest growing, most vibrant business city in the world, and make friends for life in the process.

Become the consumate professional

Learn the trade and become the consummate professional in the most buoyant and fastest growing country on the planet.

Wealth Management

As a qualified Wealth Manager, you will help our clients by creating investment options to suit their needs. You will give regulated one to one advice on our independent, unique and ethical investment options to ensure that your clients are successful in reaching their investment goals and growing their money.

The role of Wealth Manager will involve you creating and building long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with high net worth individuals and building a portfolio of successful clients.

Qualifications & Experience

Be supported in developing you qualifications and experience that look great on your CV and you can take anywhere in the world

Become a trusted expert in your field

Learn from the leaders in Dubai and use that knowledge to make money and live the dream expat lifestyle.

Travel and work in the UAE and internationally

Benefit from our client’s living in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other exotic international locations.

The Company

The ONE Group recruits worldwide to ensure it has the best advisers possible for our clients. If you believe you would be an asset to the business, understand financial services, enjoy a challenge and would enjoy living in Dubai, contact us to start a conversation.

Jason Noble, CEO

Jason Noble established The ONE Group in 2010 in Dubai and rapidly grew it into one of the most innovative companies in the offshore financial services industry.

Recruitment Team

With our dedicated UK based recruitment team you can be certain that any career decisions you make will be supported and all questions answered immediately.

Dubai Team

With a diverse and friendly team based at our headquarters in Dubai, you can be sure that you will be warmly welcomed and your move will be made as painfree as possible.

The ONE Group

The ONE Group is a constantly evolving company based around the concept of giving our clients sound, ethical, independent advice on a whole range of financial matters. If you would like to enquire about joining our teams based in the UK or Dubai please complete the form below and one of our recruitment team will get in touch.